Wedding Style – Fall 2016 Wedding Colors and our Top 5 Picks

The entire Elevee Events team loves Pantone and anxiously awaits their predicted color trends every season.

When they announced their color predictions for Fall 2016, I think I may have actually swooned.

Take a look at these color swatches and images. Deeper, richer hues are all the rage this year. By fall, blush will be long gone – but it did great hanging on for the past three years.

What’s going to be ‘in’ this fall? Here are my top five picks for Fall 2016 Wedding Colors:

Redefining Red

My absolute favorite color of the bunch is Aurora Red. Red gets a bad rap as being “too strong.” Many also consider it to be a Christmas color. I see it time and again as just a pop of color paired with white and black.

This fall, pair it with Pantone’s Sharkskin for a modern edge. Use Warm Taupe instead for a crisp November wedding that is fresh and still lends itself to a classic fall feel.

Go Green

Lush Meadow is so fresh. It is perfect for everything from a garden wedding to a winter wedding.

Mix this gorgeous green hue with whites and creams. It would be perfect as a tablecloth, and could serve as a beautiful backdrop that would make rich creamy flowers really stand out.

Bring In The Blues

Riverside is a slightly deeper blue than the lighter shade Pantone featured in 2015. In 2016, it has transformed into a neutral in the same way as your favorite pair of jeans.

You can pair Riverside with any color imaginable. It tones the Bodacious purple shade down by creating a stable base. It’s beautiful with Potter’s Clay, and could also create a classic preppy look mixed in with the Lush Meadow green – perfect for a late fall beach wedding where the pastels just wont work!

The Year Of Yellow

Spicy Mustard has to be in my top 5 favorite fall 2016 wedding colors. It’s unexpected and really adds a pop of vibrancy to any color palette.

I love this shade and the Warm Taupe together. I can picture them on a farm or in a garden setting. Layers of greens and whites in the centerpieces and lace napkins soften it and make it a little more feminine.

Gaga For Gray

My favorite pick for color for this fall is this lovely layered gray: Sharkskin.

In early September, you can pair it classically with a pale or lemon yellow. As the trees start to turn in October, mimic the landscape and match it up with Pantone’s Spicy Mustard, or the rich tones of Lush Meadow for something a little different and completely natural.

Looking Ahead

I recommend these colors be used from October 1 (when we start to hit our fall stride with leaves and temps) through March, 2017. One of these colors will be named the Pantone 2017 color of the year – can you guess which one?

What are your favorites? Let us know in the comments below!


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