2016 Wedding Trends

Patone Spring 2016

We love the vibe and the promise that the new year brings. New beginnings, fresh chances, a clean slate if you will. Some things change and some things stay the same. So on the flip side of the last post…here are wedding ideas that we think will be new or still going strong this coming year.

  1. The new pantone color of the year is…Rose Quartz and Serenity. For the first time ever they have chosen 2 colors. We saw the rose and blushes the past few years and love adding the soft blue in as well.
  2. Bronze accents. Silver was years ago. Gold was huge for 2015 and we are still seeing it in a lot of the color palettes our clients are choosing. We don’t think gold is stale (yet!) but if you really want to be on trend you want to choose the richness of bronze for your metallic accent in 2016.
  3. Chandeliers and Lighting Schemes. We saw chandeliers a lot the past few years and we think that is going to stay for the next few years. We are also having more discussions about uplighting, the experience of Tuscan lighting and how to design the lighting that fits your mood for your special day.
  4. Stations and Cocktail Receptions. Nobody wants a buffet. And we know that your parents want you to have a seated dinner with steak and a crab cake – just like they had at their wedding 30 years ago. We saw more stations then we ever have last year. Stations – meaning mini buffets that are all inclusive (think a stiry fry station, sushi station, fresh pasta station, or seafood station). And most importantly, and what makes this so up to date, cocktail style seating i.e. hi tables, low tables, and no assigned seats. Free flowing. More tables and places then guests so people can move around and visit with friends and family. Also a great way to get you more dance time!
  5. Food Pairings during Dessert and Cocktail Hour. Think cocktail hour stations of craft beer and food matched to each beer. Milk and cookie stations. Soda and popcorn stations at the end of the night. The sky is the limit on this fun concept and it is sure to keep your guests entertained and talking long after the wedding.
  6. Wedding Films – Highlights and Drones are in. Does anyone really want to watch a 4 hour video? Or have the time to? Highlight or trailers are on trend through all of 2016. Something you can quickly share with your family and friends. And, especially for our beach weddings, you are going to want the views and point of view only a drone can give you!
  7. Assorted Flower Holders. Okay, unless you are on a real farm or in a nature center, please stop with the mason jars. They are not new or unique. They have been done, sorry! You don’t have to have the typical large centerpiece in the middle of your table. We love the look of various flower holders. Old vases. Beautiful heirloom silver coffee servers and water pitchers. Really anything that you might be able to find at the flea market or antique store can work.
  8. Guest Consideration. Show your guests how much you appreciate them sharing the day with you. Hand written notes on place cards, well thought out welcome bags, or travel bags filled with water fruit and pastries for guests on their drive home or the airports.
  9. Funky Fonts. The options are endless. Beyond endless actually. Once you know your venue and style the font should be chosen right in line with the color palette. And have fun doing it!

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